Citrus limonum

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The Lemon Tree originated in Iran. It is one of those rare trees that are almost constantly flourishing with flowers, fruits and leaves. The lemon fruits of this tree are rich in mineral salts, gums, glucides and vitamins A, C, PP and B. The fruit of the lemon tree is very aromatic and has potent antiseptic qualities traditionally used to treat cholera, diphtheria and typhoid bacilli. 

The citric acid contained within is a strong dis-solvent of uric acids and is good for treating painful rheumatism. The inner bark of the stem is useful in fluidifying venous circulation. 

Citrus Limonum is an effective complimentary remedy for certain neurotoxic syndromes typically with accompanying atheromatosis such as in cases of insomnia, spasmodic coughs, hiccups, painful tics and palpitations. 

Although the primary actions of this remedy are focused on arterial and venous circulation. It also acts as a blood thinner to fluidify and improve circulation. As a secondary therapeutic action, 
Citrus Limonum can be used as a tonic for digestive migraines. Its actions are swift but short lived.

Painful Tics
Poor Digestion
Spasmodic Coughs
Poor venous Circulation
Varicose veins

Citrus Limonum is an important complementary remedy of certain neurotoxic syndromes with an atheromatosis background. It is also a complementary adjunct for hepatic cellular insufficiency. Its action is very fast, but short-lived and is efficient only if used as a complementary remedy. This remedy is indicated for conditions such as migraine headaches, poor digestion, depressions, insomnia, spasmodic cough, hiccups, palpitations, painful tics, infectious hepatitis, cirrhosis, myocardial infraction, phlebitis and high ratio of blood fibrinogen.