Potassium Glycinate Liquid

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Great-tasting liquid potassium formula
• Source of an electrolyte for the maintenance of good health 
• Provides 100 mg of potassium per teaspoon to help prevent potassium deficiency due to low dietary intake 
• Delicious natural blueberry-lemon-basil flavour
• Convenient liquid format mixes easily with juice or water

Potassium Glycinate Liquid provides 100 mg of potassium in each delicious natural blueberry-lemon-basil-flavoured teaspoon. Potassium, the primary cation inside human cells, is an electrolyte for the maintenance of good health.1 It is required to maintain normal cell function, cell volume and pH.2 Potassium is also essential for establishing a membrane potential, which is required for the electrical activity in nerve fibres and muscle cells.3 Due to its important roles in many metabolic processes throughout the body, it is important to consume adequate levels of this mineral each day.1 However, research suggests that individuals worldwide consume potassium at a level below recommended values.4 This may result from a decrease intake of fruits and vegetables or an increased intake of processed foods, as food processing markedly reduces potassium content.4 Potassium Glycinate Liquid is a great-tasting formula that can help individuals meet daily potassium recommendations.