Cal Mag Vanilla Liquid +

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Organic calcium and magnesium citrate minerals plus vitamins D and K
• 500 mg of calcium and 200 mg of magnesium per tablespoon dose
• With 1000 IU of vitamin D, 40 mcg of vitamin K1 and 60 mcg of vitamin K2
• Helps in the maintenance of bones, teeth, and proper muscle function
• Helps to prevent vitamin D deficiency
• Calcium intake, when combined with sufficient vitamin D, a healthy diet and regular exercise, may reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis
• Great-tasting natural vanilla flavour

Cal Mag Vanilla Liquid + helps to maintain bone health and muscle function using a combination of organic calcium and magnesium citrate minerals, plus vitamins D and K. Osteoporosis is the primary cause of bone fractures in postmenopausal women 50 years and older, with an estimated 80% of all fractures in this group being osteoporosis related.1 Regular physical activity helps to maintain bone mass during aging, as bone metabolism is stimulated by the mechanical stress generated from impacts.2-5 However, supplementation with calcium and vitamin D may support bone formation even when incorporated into a low-impact physical exercise program. In a randomized clinical trial, 64 healthy postmenopausal women received 500 mg of calcium and 1000 IU of vitamin D daily while undergoing 6 months of low-impact aquatic exercise. At the end of the study period, there was a 15.8% increase in bone formation biomarker P1NP (precollagen type 1 amino-terminal propeptide) compared to baseline measurements.6 P1NP has been identified as a clinically relevant osteoporosis risk biomarker by the Bone Marker Standards Working Group.7 Vitamin K helps to maintain bone health, partly via the activation of gamma-carboxyglutamic acid (GLA) proteins involved in skeletal mineralization, such as matrix Gla protein (MGP) and osteocalcin.8,9 Low vitamin K status may impair the function of Gla proteins involved in regulation of bone mineralization.10


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