Fungisode 30 ml

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Seroyal’s Fungisode is a convenient broad-spectrum liquid supplement. It contains homeopathic preparations of probiotics that may help you feel better. It is designed to treat a weakened immune system caused by an imbalance of microflora. This probiotic supplement may help lessen symptoms related to parasitic infections‚ systemic candidiasis‚ athlete’s foot‚ and nail fungus.

Each drop of sublingual Fungisode provides natural ingredients like the following:

  •     -Echinacea—an herb credited with immunologic properties that may enhance      your protection from harmful bacteria‚ fungi‚ parasites‚ and viruses
  •     -Calcarea carbonica—calcium carbonate derived from oyster cells
  •     -Barberry root bark
  •     -Candida albancis—a candida nosode therapy that may support immunity‚ similar to vaccination; it may provide protection against yeast infections and promote general wellbeing.
  •     -Vegetable charcoal
  •     -Calandine plant

Place 10 drops of Fungisode under the tongue two to three times daily‚ 20 minutes before or after meals unless otherwise directed. Each bottle of Fungisode by Seroyal contains one ounce of liquid.