UNDA #25

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Unda 25 provides exceptional drainage for the cardiovascular system. It relieves functional pathologies (cardiac decompensation, aortitis, infarcts, myocarditis, and angina pectoris) of the heart and the region surrounding the heart. This remedy is indicated for angina pectoris, cardiac asthma, severe circulatory afflictions, congestion, thrombosis, cardiac infarction, tendency to hemorrhage and general weakness of the heart.

UNDA Numbered Compounds are unique remedies synergistically formulated with plant constituents that target and carry potentized metals to specific organs where enzymatic and metabolic functions are carried out on a cellular level helping to facilitate the drainage of toxins.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Argentum metallicum, Crataegus Fruit, Gelsemium sempervirens Root, Hamamelis virginiana Bark, Magnolia grandiflora Flower, Spiraea ulmaria Root, Stannum metallicum, Valeriana officinalis Root